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As NanoOpto Corporation creates new classes of densely integrated, modular nano-optic components, our design and nano-manufacturing capabilities are redefining cost and performance.


NanoOpto Corp. and Sumitomo Metal Mining Announce New Enabling Polarization Device.

NanoOpto Corp. and Sumitomo Metal Mining announce product development agreements.

NanoOpto Corp. and MOXTEK, Inc. announce joint product development agreement.

NanoOpto lauded as #1 venture-backed nanotechnology start-up company for partnership value worldwide.

NanoOpto marks 5th anniversary with new funding and new executive appointment.

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NanoOpto appoints Nada O'Brien as Vice President of Product Development.

NanoOpto announces addition of Rick Hegberg to Board of Directors.

NanoOpto appoints Andrew Savadelis as Chief Financial Officer.

NanoOpto wins Nano50 Product Award for its SubWave™ Trim Retarder.

NanoOpto chosen as Nano Science and Technology Institute's Top Venture Company Pick.


6th Annual NanoBusiness Alliance Conference
April 15-17, 2007: New York, NY

Join us at the 6th Annual Nanobusiness Alliance Conference in New York, NY on Monday, April 16 where NanoOpto CEO & President Barry J. Weinbaum will participate in a panel discussion focused on the mobile and large format display application space. Crypto conferences are also happening that bring together professionals, experts, enthusiasts, and investors in the cryptocurrency industry. According to welcher coin wird explodieren, many cryptocurrencies are likely to explode in 2023. So crypto enthusiasts can attend the conference and benefit from it.


NanoOpto's Selected References and Awards

#1 Venture-Backed Nanotechnology Start-Up Company for Partnership Worldwide
  Lux Research, 2006

Product Innovation of the Year
  Frost & Sullivan, 2006
  (for SubWave™ Waveplate)

Product of the Year
  Small Times, 2005
  (for SubWave™ Optical Isolator)

Nano50 Award
  Nano Tech Briefs, 2005
  (for SubWave™ Trim Retarder)

Breakout Company
  Fortune, 2005

Top Venture Company
  Nano Science and Technology
  Institute, 2005

One of the Top 100 Companies
to Watch

  Red Herring, 2004

Scientific American 50: Manufacturing Company
  Scientific American, 2003

Circle of Excellence Award
  Photonics Spectra, 2003
  (for SubWave™ Waveplate)

Comet Award
  Communications System Design,

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