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NanoOpto and SpectraSwitch Introduce Compact, Electronically Controlled Free Space Variable Optical Attenuator

Combining nano-optic polarizers and liquid crystal actuators yields high performance, flexible optical chip platform

Somerset, New Jersey, March 17, 2003—NanoOpto Corporation, which is applying proprietary nano-optics and nano-manufacturing technologies to design and manufacture optical components for systems and networks, and SpectraSwitch, Inc., who delivers integrated active components for optical networks, announced today the availability for sampling of the Lambda Processor™ Free Space Variable Optical Attenuator (FSVOA), created under a joint development agreement.

NanoOpto and SpectraSwitch have integrated nano-optic and nano-manufacturing with liquid crystal technology to create a low-cost, compact form-factor FSVOA. The electronically controlled variable optical attenuator and shutter is designed for free-space integration into a broad range of optical components. The initial release of the Lambda Processor™ FSVOA supports either C-band or C+L-band wavelength ranges, provides up to 35dB of tunable attenuation, and has less than 0.4dB of insertion loss in a device 1.4 millimeters in thickness. The device is designed to comply with Telcordia GR-468-CORE requirements for use in carrier grade systems.

Initially targeted for transceivers, transponders and tunable lasers, the Lambda Processor™ FSVOA seamlessly integrates broad range, fine resolution attenuation in a robust platform without the size, cost and complexity of existing solutions. Its benefits include its ability to be integrated into the transceiver rather than being an external and separate device. This integration creates savings in board space, packaging, power, and control complexity, allowing more economical application of transceivers in access and enterprise applications.

Lindsay Austin, President and CEO of SpectraSwitch, Inc., stated, “This new Lambda Processor™ optical chip represents a paradigm shift in free space optics, introducing small size and fine scale control in an easy-to-integrate package that competes favorably against traditional technologies and addresses the immediate needs of DWDM transceiver manufacturers.”

This combination of two wafer-based manufacturing processes creates a flexible product platform that provides a path to dramatic cost reductions for dynamic optical components,” said Barry Weinbaum, President and CEO of NanoOpto. “We are excited to be part of bringing this novel capability to commercial reality.”

NanoOpto and SpectraSwitch will be exhibiting the Lambda Processor™ FSVOA at OFC 2003 (Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition) in Atlanta, Georgia, March 25-27, in NanoOpto’s booth, number 2742. For more information, contact either [email protected] or [email protected].

About NanoOpto
NanoOpto Corporation applies revolutionary nano-optic and nano-manufacturing technologies to design and fabricate novel components for optical systems and networking. The company sees the greatest market opportunity in creating an evolutionary path to integrated optical components that will allow optical assemblies to be made smaller, denser, more capable, and more cost-effective. Both independently and with industry partners, NanoOpto uses its rapid design and high volume manufacturing capabilities to produce superior versions of standard optical components and new classes of integrated optical subassemblies for both custom and general applications. NanoOpto has received financial backing from leading venture capitalists, and is based in Somerset, New Jersey. For more information, visit the company’s web site at

About SpectraSwitch
Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, SpectraSwitch, Inc. delivers integrated active components for optical networks. Based on liquid crystal technology, SpectraSwitch’s “optical chip” leverages 30 years of proven performance. SpectraSwitch's wafer scale manufacturing enables versatile, ultra-reliable, cost effective solutions, while its proprietary cell design and control technology enable stable optical performance over wide temperature and humidity ranges. SpectraSwitch is a privately held company whose investors include Advanced Technology Ventures and NIF Ventures. For more information, visit the company's web site at


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