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NanoOpto and Integrated Photonics Announce Joint Product Development

Integration of high performance polarization nano-structures on Faraday rotators provides compact, high performance optical components

Somerset, New Jersey, March 17, 2003 - NanoOpto Corporation, which is applying proprietary nano-optics and nano-manufacturing technologies to design and manufacture optical components for systems and networks, announced today that it has entered into a joint product development agreement with Integrated Photonics, Inc., of Hillsborough, New Jersey. NanoOpto and Integrated Photonics, Inc., are working on the integration of nano-optics and nano-manufacturing with Integrated Photonics’ technology for the development and growth of high performance magneto-optic garnet Faraday rotator crystals.

The two companies will develop a new family of integrated passive optical components based on nano-scale polarization structures and non-reciprocal passive optical Faraday rotators. Product applications will include a monolithic isolator. The new integrated passive optical components will provide optical device designers with increased functionality, higher performance, greater component density, and improved optical efficiency while lowering manufacturing cost and decreasing inventory requirements. These devices are used in many sophisticated communication systems, such as optical point-to-point trunk systems, optical subscriber loop networks, optical cable television systems, and LAN systems.

According to RHK, a telecommunications market research firm based in South San Francisco, California, the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for the optical components requiring Faraday rotator/polarizer elements is expected to be 12 percent from 2003 through 2006, with total revenue reaching $167 million by 2006. Cost will be a driving force as the market moves toward fiber-to-the-home and Metro/Access network deployment.

“Bringing together NanoOpto’s nano-technology with our extensive materials-based technology platform will rapidly bring highly-integrated solutions that will drive down design, development, and manufacturing cost for our customers,” said Bob David, CEO and President of Integrated Photonics. “We are delighted to be part of this pioneering effort.”

The flexibility and low cost of NanoOpto’s nano-fabrication methods open up new opportunities for hybrid integration with other technologies,” said Barry J. Weinbaum, President and CEO of NanoOpto Corporation. “The ubiquitous applications of isolators in optical circuits and networks makes this partnership with Integrated Photonics extremely significant.”

NanoOpto and Integrated Photonics will be exhibiting at OFC 2003 (Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition) in Atlanta, Georgia, March 25-27. Visit NanoOpto at booth 2742 and Integrated Photonics at booth 3753. For additional information, contact either [email protected] or [email protected].

About NanoOpto
NanoOpto Corporation applies revolutionary nano-optic and nano-manufacturing technologies to design and fabricate novel components for optical systems and networking. The company sees the greatest market opportunity in creating an evolutionary path to integrated optical components that will allow optical assemblies to be made smaller, denser, more capable, and more cost-effective. Both independently and with industry partners, NanoOpto uses its rapid design and high volume manufacturing capabilities to produce superior versions of standard optical components and new classes of integrated optical subassemblies for both custom and general applications. The Company has received financial backing from leading venture capitalists, and is based in Somerset, New Jersey.

About Integrated Photonics
Integrated Photonics, Inc., with facilities in Hillsborough, New Jersey, and Richardson, Texas, is a provider of Faraday rotators, thin-film polarizers, single crystal oxides, and integrated devices for optical isolators and other optical components. Utilizing their competence in liquid phase epitaxy and bulk Czochralski growth of single-crystal oxides, they develop and manufacture Faraday rotators and other oxide materials. IPI is also working under two NSF SBIRs to develop innovative new materials.


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