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NanoOpto Announces Manufacturing License Agreement with Enplas Corporation

Applies proprietary nano-optical devices in consumer optics

Somerset, New Jersey, July 10, 2003-NanoOpto Corp., which is applying proprietary nano-fabrication technology to the rapid design and high volume manufacture of nano-optic devices for optical systems and networks, announced today that it has entered into a manufacturing and licensing agreement with Enplas Corporation of Kawaguchi City, Japan. The agreement covers the development and manufacture of nano-optic devices for a broad range of market applications using NanoOpto’s recent inventions in nano-fabrication and design.

NanoOpto is creating novel classes of optical components by manipulating light with nano-scale structures to provide increased functionality, easier integration, lower total cost, and higher volume capabilities in comparison to traditional optical devices. NanoOpto has commercialized this unique technology through their proprietary optical component designs and internally developed manufacturing methods for a broad range of markets, including optical data transfer, telecommunications, sensors, and displays.

Enplas produces a broad range of optical products, including lenses and lens modules for image sensors, optical pick-ups, communications devices and projection displays. With over 100 in-house engineers and manufacturing facilities in several countries, Enplas provides customized optical solutions with quick turn-around time from concept design to mass production. Applications include mobile phone cameras, DVD drives, optical fiber communications components and projection TV optics.

The manufacturing and licensing agreement between NanoOpto and Enplas allows Enplas to integrate NanoOpto’s technology into their products rapidly and, in turn, allows Enplas to offer new capabilities and cost reductions to their customers. In addition, NanoOpto will integrate a portion of their manufacturing technology in Enplas’ facilities.

This will provide additional production capacity to ensure that these nano-optic devices can be brought to market in high volume and low cost.

NanoOpto’s new developments in nano-fabrication have created a practical, high volume production recipe, opening a broad range of new commercial applications for nano-optic devices,” stated Barry Weinbaum, President and CEO of NanoOpto, “Our agreement with Enplas combines our technology innovations with the market savvy and manufacturing acumen of a recognized market leader.”

“Enplas has 15 years of experience in mass producing optical devices and our Optodevice Division is currently the fastest growing segment of the company,” comments Kohei Kawashima, President of Enplas Corporation, “I am looking forward to bringing more value to our customers with the synergistic effects of innovative technology from NanoOpto.”

The first nano-optic devices being manufactured and sold under this agreement are used in optical pick-up units for CD and DVD players. They are currently in pre-production. Additional products, for a range of consumer and telecom applications, are in development. Further product and application information can be obtained by contacting either NanoOpto or Enplas.

About NanoOpto
NanoOpto Corp. is applying proprietary nano-fabrication technology to the rapid design and high volume manufacture of nano-optic devices for optical systems and networks. The company’s subwavelength scale nano-optic design capability combined with nano-scale manufacturing technologies delivers optical components that allow more rapid prototyping, higher performance, and lower overall system cost. Both independently and with industry partners, NanoOpto uses its technology to produce superior versions of standard optical components and new classes of integrated optical subassemblies for both custom and general applications. The company has received financial backing from leading venture capitalists and is based in Somerset, New Jersey.

About Enplas
Enplas Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-precision and high-performance plastic parts and products in a wide range of high-tech fields such as nano-scale advanced optical devices, semiconductor peripherals, liquid crystal displays, electronic apparatuses and automotives. With its unique technology “OPTPLANICS,” a new concept that fuses the state-of-the-art optical and electronics technologies on the basis of engineering plastics technology cultivated since its foundation in 1962, Enplas strives to continuously develop new products and technologies that offer creative value to the global market.


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