Press Releases

November 11, 2002
NanoOpto Announces Addition of Dr. Philip Anthony to Board of Directors

November 11 , 2002
NanoOpto Named Manufacturing Leader on the Scientific American 50

September 9, 2002
NanoOpto Introduces SubWave™ Phase Management Optical Components

September 5, 2002
NanoOpto Chosen as a Recipient of the Communication Systems Design 2002 Comet Award

June 13, 2002
NanoOpto Announces Addition of Ed Zschau to Board of Directors as Chairman

April 16, 2002
NanoOpto Secures Additional $4 Million in Venture Financing

March 7, 2002
NanoOpto President and CEO Barry Weinbaum to Present at NanoVentures 2002

March 4, 2002
NanoOpto Announces Sampling of Its Polarization Management Family of Subwavelength Optical Elements

March 4, 2002
NanoOpto Announces First Wafer Processed in Its Somerset, NJ, Nano-fabrication Facility

March 4, 2002
Franklin Township and New Jersey State Recognize NanoOpto

January 14, 2002
NanoOpto Chairman Dr. Stephen Chou to Deliver Keynote Address at International Workshop on Nanoimprint Lithography at Sweden’s University of Lunds

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October 2002
Manufacturing, Packaging and Integration

September 10, 2002
NanoOpto Shines Light on Second Family of Products
Michael Pastore, Nanoelectronics Planet

September 3, 2002
2002 Comet Awards — 20 Companies That Will Shape the Future

Patrick Mannion, Communication Systems Design

August 1, 2002
Nano-Optics Redefine Rules for Optical Processing

Communication Systems Design

July 2002
Nano R&D: Is U.S. Government Approach to Funding All Wrong?

Stephen Barlas, Semiconductor Magazine in July 2002.

April 15, 2002
8 Hot Startups
America’s Network

April 3, 2002
NanoOpto Seeks Opto Builders for Its Pillar Structures
Loring Wirbel, EE Times

March 18, 2002
Developments to Watch: Nano Devices That Are on Sale Now

Catherine Arnst, BusinessWeek Online
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March 11, 2002
Tiny Technologies Slip Unseen Into Daily Life
Barnaby J. Feder, New York Times
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March 7, 2002
Interview with Barry Weinbaum of NanoOpto
Sander Olson,

March 7, 2002
NanoOpto Claims New Ground Within Waves of Light
Allen Bernard,

March 4, 2002
Anatomy of a Small Tech Startup: Lab to “Super Stealth” to Product
Jack Mason, Small Times

March 4, 2002
NanoOpto’s Ready with New Fab and Three New Optical Products
Jo McIntyre, Small Times

March 1, 2002
Optical Nanostructures Roll
Patrick Mannion, Communications Systems Design

March 2002
Nano-technology Poised for First (But Not Last) Optical Applications
Robert Pease,

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Bylined Articles

Manufacturing Optical Components on a Nanoscale
E. Chen, H. Kostal, YK Park: Lightwave Magazine, October 2002

Nano-optics Redefine Rules for Optical Processing
YK Park, Hubert Kostal: Communications System Design, August 1, 2002, p. 23-26

Nanostructures Benefit Telecom
Hubert Kostal: OE Magazine, August 2002, p. 18-19


Fabrication of 10nm enclosed nanofluidic channels
J. Wang, H. Cao, Z. Yu, J.O. Tegenfeldt, R.H. Austin, E. Chen, W. Wu, S.Y. Chou: Applied Physics Letters Vol. 81, July 2002, p. 174-176

Subwavelength optical elements (SOE's) - a path to integrated optical components on a chip
J. Wang, E. Chen, W. Zhang, L. Chen, G. Henein, A. Nikolov, X. Deng, F. Liu, J. Deng, H. Kostal, S.Y. Chou, Y.K. Park: 2002 Technical Proceedings, National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference, 2002, p. 1144-1152

Using Subwavelength Optical Elements for Optical System Design
Hubert Kostal: conference paper, CSD 2002

Nano-optics: New Optical Structures and Lithography Enable Standardized Manufacturing for Multiple Components
Barry Weinbaum, Hubert Kostal: conference paper, Fiberoptic Automation Expo 2002

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