More Functional, Discrete and
Integrated Optics
NanoOpto's applications span optical data storage, digital imaging, projection
display, optical communications, biotechnology & aerospace / defense. Our
product capabilities include UV, visible and IR Polarizers; lens arrays; optical
isolators; thin film interference coatings; barrier layers, monolithically integrated
optical components and ALD enhanced lenses, filters & mirrors. Component
integration is a key differentiator enabled by our core intellectual property in
nano-scale fabrication and nano-conformal thin film coatings.

Compared with traditional optical components in a broad range of photonic
applications, our modular nano-optics deliver:

* Dramatically lower cost per function
* Radically reduced form factors
* Easier integration with disparate components
* Self-integration, enabling defense, multifunctional components; and
* Open new applications

NanoOpto's products have application in:

* Aerospace / Defense / Home Land Security
* Telecom / Datacom - 10G / 40G / 100G
* Biotechnology / Medical Devices
* Manufacturing / R&D
* Energy / Environmental
* Consumer Electronics